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Motorcycle Safety Program

We encourage the use of Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) rider training courses like the Basic Rider Course (BRC) and the Experienced Rider Course (ERC). We are fortunate in Indiana because these courses are supported by the state and their costs are quite low at $75 for the BRC and $50 for the ERC. Phone: 800-232-2283 or 317-422-8474

To find a list of testing sites go to: 

Additional Information can be found at:

The Indiana Department of Education / Division of School Traffic Safety / Motorcycle Operator Safety Education Program / State House, Room 229 / Indianapolis, IN 46204-2798 ~ Phone: 317-232-0893 or 800-497-9979

BMW motorcycle oil filter cross reference

Available filters include:

  • Purolator PL10241 / PL25230
  • Mobil1 M1-102
  • Bosch 3330
  • Supertech ST3614
  • Amzoil SMF 122
  • EMGO 10-26740
  • Fram PH6063
  • Purolator ML16825

Recommended filters in green.

Have 3/4" x 16tpi threads, ? psi by-pass valve, and anti-drain back valve.

  Fit models:

  • K1
  • K75
  • K100, LS, LT, RT
  • K1100 LT, RS
  • K1200 GT, LT, RS
  • R1100 R, RS, RT, S, GS
  • R1150 R, RS, RT, GS
  • R1200 C, RT, GS, HP2
  • F800 S, ST, GS

Oilhead Valve Adjustment Instructions:

Indy Club Video Library

Harold Patterson and Webb Bernhardt manage our library.  Videos are available by special arrangements with them. With these you may be down, but not out..

K75/K100 1985-1988

10K Service

Twins 1970-1988

10K Service

Twins 1970-1988

Charging system diagnosis and repair made easy

Twins 1970-1988

Complete carburetor rebuild and transmission input-spline lube, covers Bing (CV carbs only)

Master Airhead Tech

T and B Motorcycle Sales & Service

12th St SE, Linton, IN 47441

812-847-7791 (call for an appointment before going)

"The Great Equilizer"